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IFCS Integrated Fire Control System

IFCS® provides a versatile and flexible ‘sensor to shooter’ capability delivering accurate and responsive ballistic solutions for field Artillery and Offensive Support systems. IFCS® seamlessly integrates with the existing Gunzen® Mk3 capability linking Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) assets to C2 nodes and Weapon platforms.

IFCS® provides seamless digital integration with Forward Observer STA systems and assets, utilizing digital communications links which can be fully integrated and tailored to new or legacy customer communication systems. 

Weapon platforms are equipped with data enabled communications utilising the Firing Data Display Unit (FDDUs) capability utilising the lightweight and proven PRR communication system.

IFCS® provides a significant capability enhancement delivering a truly integrated Ballistic Offensive Support architecture to:

  • Forward Observers and Battery Commanders
  • Battery Command Posts / Fire Direction Cells
  • Weapon Platforms