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POP π M4.0 MINI DRFD Float System

The Mini-DRFD Maritime (M) capability enhances Remote Initiation by providing user options when conducting overt or covert explosive tasks above and below the waterline using single or multiple systems. The clandestine capability allows Man Out Of The Loop (MOOTL) sub-surface deployment and detonation or timed sub surface to surface release allowing surface control of the event. Mini-DRFD (M) CONOPS support Naval, Amphibious and SF user groups throughout the joint environment.

Mini-DRFD (M) utilises UHF radio for long range RI. Re-usable and/or expendable receiver configurations within the housing provide operational flexibility. The system can be tactically transported safely and deployed to target in a safe state.

Upon expiry of the safe to arm period the receiver arms. The system can remain subsurface and execute a Timer Initiated Fire (TIF) or pre-determined sub-surface release. Post release the cradle remains at the target and shock tube is paid out to provide the “explosive train” to the surface. Surface or sub-surface initiation of explosives can be performed by electric or non-electric means.