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STIX Mini-DRFD Shock Tube Initiator Expendable Receiver

STIX is part of the MAS Zengrange Mini-DRFD family of products. It has a waterproof polycarbonate housing containing the electronics necessary to accept and interrogate radio frequencies commands, then disseminate correct information to the firing circuit.

STIX is expendable and designed for blow in place operations preventing the need for the operator to return to target to collect equipment, thus providing enhanced flexibility for the battlefield and preventing loss of mission tempo.

STIX is lightweight, compact and rugged lending itself well as an expendable remote firing system that is ideal for a wide range of operational tasking and environments.

The STIX unit is configured via the Mini-DRFD Transmitter and incorporates both an integrated Remote Initiated Firing (RIF) mode and a Timer Initiated Firing (TIF) mode.

Receivers are selected from stock and individually bonded via wireless connection.

Receivers can be configured to be either individually or collectively addressed enabling users to tailor requirements to suit a particular mission.